Sentence Examples

  • The comparatively small area of Krause's influence was due partly to the overshadowing brilliance of Hegel, and partly to two intrinsic defects.
  • In the Empire he manifested his antipathy to the overshadowing Habsburgs by plotting for a time to carry the next imperial election in favour of Bavaria.
  • The slavery question, in one form or another, had become the great overshadowing issue in national, and even in state politics; the abolition movement, begun in earnest by W.
  • It places this question of "soul" at the head of all the points it deals with, and devotes to it an amount of space quite overshadowing all the rest s So also in the earliest Buddhist book later than the canon - the very interesting and suggestive series of conversations between the Greek king Menander and the Buddhist teacher Nagasena.
  • In the south the influence of the French under Lally and Bussy was overshadowing the British at Madras.