Sentence Examples

  • In Germany the monumental work of Professor Kattenbusch has overshadowed all other books on the subject, providing even his most ardent critics with an indispensable record of the literature of the subject.
  • Maybe she didn't want her wedding day overshadowed by theirs.
  • Babylonica is sometimes spoken of as Pope's willow, having been cultivated by that poet, or as Napoleon's willow, because his tomb at St Helena is overshadowed by a tree of this species, from which many offsets exist or are reputed to exist in modern gardens.
  • Any gratitude he felt for the fact that she had given them a daughter was overshadowed by the danger she had put them all in.
  • The government was originally autocratic, but as early as the 7th century the most characteristic feature of Japanese politics - the power of great families who overshadowed the throne - makes its appearance.