Sentence Examples

  • Achondroplasia: This form of dwarfism is characterized by short stature, abnormal body proportion (limbs are shorter than normal while the torso remains of average size), and facial deformities.
  • The four most common causes of dwarfism in children are achondroplasia, Turner syndrome, inadequate pituitary function (pituitary dwarfism), and lack of emotional or physical nurturance.
  • Achondroplasia (short-limbed dwarfism) is a genetic disorder that impairs embryonic development, resulting in abnormalities in bone growth and cartilage development.
  • In achondroplasia, the long bones fail to develop normally, making the arms and legs disproportionately short and stubby (and sometimes curved).
  • In some cases physical development may be disproportionate, as in achondroplasia, but in others the parts of the body develop proportionately.