Sentence Examples

  • As soon as indiscriminant breeders started to flood the market, aberrations such as dwarfism in Toy Poodles appeared, along with a host of genetic problems that dedicated and diligent breeders are still trying to irradicate to this day.
  • His particular type of dwarfism causes problems with the body's cartilage and bone development, and as a child he spent much of his time in the hospital undergoing surgery to help with his condition.
  • Children with pituitary dwarfism may face thoughtless comments from others on occasion, and the parents' reaction to such comments can strongly determine how the child feels about himself or herself.
  • Thus, dwarfism can result if there is a deficiency in any of these hormones, if there is a failure in the receptor cells receiving the hormonal stimuli, or if the target cells are unable to respond.
  • Growth hormone deficiency is present at birth, but since the primary symptoms of pituitary dwarfism are height and growth at a reduced rate, the condition is not diagnosed until later in childhood.