Sentence Examples

  • Proceeding southward cacti become common, first a dwarfed species, and then a larger columnar form (Cereus quisco).
  • Due west, arid conditions prevail and vegetation is scanty and dwarfed; at Salango island, 50 m.
  • Artificially induced dwarfed plants of Pinus, Cupressus, Sciadopitys (umbrella pine) and other genera are commonly cultivated by the Japanese.
  • Dwarfed eucalypts fringe the tree-limit on Mount Kosciusco, and the soakages in the parched interior are indicated by a line of the same trees, stunted and straggling.
  • Without, viewed from the open Parliament Square to the north, the beautiful proportions of the building are readily realized, but it is somewhat dwarfed by the absence of a central tower and by the vast adjacent pile of the Houses of Parliament.