Sentence Examples

  • The bonsai money tree plant is one of the best sizes for feng shui application and reflects the Chinese tradition of miniaturization that was once a status symbol for the upper elite society.
  • You may realize that the restricted growth of a bonsai plant is desirable since if left unchecked, the pachira aquatic plant can grow up to 50 feet in height.
  • Consider covering the floor in magnolia petals and placing a few small bonsai plants near the entrances to the pagoda for a natural yet beautiful look.
  • The pachira aquatic tree, however, tends to grow enormous and so bonsai (pronounced as bone-sigh) methodaquaticsed to make it usable as a house plant.
  • But, small potted plants, bonsai trees, terrariums, and container water gardens are all possible to have in care facilities, and easy to maintain.

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