Sentence Examples

  • The state was corrupt, disorganized; what was wanted was not more liberty but more discipline.
  • Though his own sympathies, and those of his allpowerful minister, Max Josef von Montgelas, were, if anything, French rather than Austrian, the state of the Bavarian finances, and the fact that the Bavarian troops were scattered and disorganized, placed him helpless in the hands of Austria;.
  • Captain Thomas Bullitt (1730-1778), a Virginian, commanded a company under Washington at Great Meadows (July 4, 1754), was in Braddock's disastrous expedition in 1755, and after the defeat of Major James Grant in 1758 saved his disorganized army by a cleverly planned attack upon the pursuers.
  • If anything, it made Darkyn look bad for not being able to defeat the disorganized rabble.
  • The main chamber of the hold was as disorganized as the battle was organized.