Sentence Examples

  • Snow Wreath (Neviusia Alabamensis) - Introduced in 1882, the objection generally made to it is that the flowers, instead of a snowy whiteness, are a dingy green.
  • The industrial revolution also had the unintended effect of coating the exteriors of many homes in a thick layer of dirt, so Victorian interiors became more ornate to counteract the dingy exteriors of many homes.
  • David, Vanessa, and Teran's orange and brown bedroom was a hit with the judges and Tym and Joe turned the dingy back patio into a sleek, urban outdoor retreat.
  • You don't want to be surprised to find that the luxurious downtown hotel shown in the photograph has been replaced by a dingy, low-quality hotel on the outskirts of town.
  • He wore a flat gray cloth cap, a dingy wool-colored greatcoat, and cowhide boots.