Sentence Examples

  • Baronius makes use of the words of St Augustine: "I shall love with a special love the man who most rigidly and severely corrects my errors."
  • From the above account it will be understood that not one of the four chief soil constituents is in itself of value for the growth of crops, yet when they are mixed, as they usually are in the soils met with in nature, one corrects the deficiencies of the other.
  • If in a well-known passage (Logic § 212) he seems to countenance the Spinoxistic view he immediately corrects it by assigning an " actualizing force " to this illusion and making it a " necessary dynamic element of truth."
  • Of the Travaux et memoires de l'universite de Lille (Lille, 1900), contains all the available information and corrects many common errors.
  • 17, ad Heb.), after writing " We offer (rocoup€v) not another sacrifice, but the same," instantly corrects himself and adds: " or rather we perform a commemoration of the sacrifice."