Sentence Examples

  • Diocletian placed Lucania and Brittii (as the name was then spelt) under a corrector, whose residence was at Rhegium.
  • His father held the offices of comes privatarum and sacrarum largitionum (controller of the emperor's private revenue and the public exchequer) under Odoacer, and subsequently attached himself to Theodoric, by whom he was appointed corrector (governor) of Bruttii and Lucania, and praefectus praetorio.
  • In 514 he was ordinary consul, and at a later date possibly corrector of his native province.
  • Further, a, corrector may propose the right word with the wrong meaning.
  • Some vessels are more liable to become sub-permanently magnetized than others, and as no corrector has been found for this source of deviation the navigator must determine its amount by observation.