Conceive Definition

conceived, conceives, conceiving
conceived, conceives, conceiving
To become pregnant.
Webster's New World
To cause an offspring to begin life.
The couple had no trouble conceiving.
Webster's New World
To form or develop in the mind.
Webster's New World
To cause to begin life.
The young couple conceived their first child.
Webster's New World
To become pregnant with.
Webster's New World

Origin of Conceive

  • From Middle English conceiven, from Old French concevoir, conceveir, from Latin concipere (“to take”), from con- (“together”) + capio (“to take”). Compare deceive, perceive, receive.

    From Wiktionary

  • Middle English conceiven from Old French concevoir conceiv- from Latin concipere com- intensive pref. com– capere to take kap- in Indo-European roots

    From American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition

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