Committee Definition

A group of people chosen, as from the members of a legislature or club, to consider, investigate, and report or act on some matter or on matters of a certain kind.
Webster's New World
A group of people organized to support some cause.
Webster's New World
Someone into whose charge someone or something is committed.
Webster's New World
A person or group of people who are members of a larger body or organization and are appointed or elected by the body or organization to consider, investigate, or make recommendations concerning a particular subject or to carry out some other duty delegated to it by the body or organization on an ad hoc or permanent basis.
Webster's New World Law
A person who has been civilly committed.
Webster's New World Law
in committee
  • under consideration by a committee, as a resolution or bill
Webster's New World

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  • in committee

Origin of Committee

  • From commit +‎ -ee, else revival of Anglo-Norman commite, past participle of commettre (“to commit”), from Latin committere, from con- (“with”) + mittere (“to send”).

    From Wiktionary

  • From Middle English committe trustee from Anglo-Norman comité past participle of cometre to commit from Latin committere commit

    From American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition

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