Sentence Examples

  • 31, 1810) occupied Seville and escaping thence to Cadiz, the Supreme Junta resigned its powers to a regency of five members (Feb.
  • For conditions since 1902 consult the Informe Mensual (1903-) of the Junta Superior de Sanidad.
  • When the French invasion took place in 1808 he was employed by the junta of Asturias and placed in command of a newly raised battalion.
  • An attempt of the Spanish party to make Balthasar de Cisneros president of the junta failed, and the ex-viceroy retired to Montevideo.
  • Each provincial administrative junta is composed, in part, of government nominees, and in larger part of elective elements, elected by the provincial council for four years, half of whom require to be elected every two years.