Sentence Examples

  • The Phoenician temple of Juno, which stood on the site of Fort St Angelo, is also mentioned by Valerius Maximus.
  • In July and August 1899 the Marconi system of wireless telegraphy was tried for the first time during British naval manoeuvres, and the two cruisers, " Juno " and " Europa," were fitted with the new means of communication.
  • The "Fortitude" and "Juno" kept up a cannonade for 22 hours and then hauled off, the former being on fire and having sixtytwo men killed and wounded.
  • The memory of the defeat of the Spartan king Cleonymus by the fleet of Patavium in 302 B.C. was perpetuated by Spartan spoils in the temple of Juno and a yearly sea-fight which took place on the river.
  • Soon, however, she found her way on to the Capitol, and there a new Etruscan triad, Jupiter, Juno and Minerva, possibly going back from Etruria to Greece, was enshrined in a magnificent new temple built by Etruscan workmen and decorated in the Etruscan manner.