Sentence Examples

  • Others (in addition to some already mentioned) are medicinal; as the palms, calabash, manchineel, pepper, fustic and a long list of cathartics, caustics, emetics, astringents, febrifuges, vermifuges, diuretics and tonics.
  • The investigation of caustics, being based on the assumption of the rectilinear propagation of light, and the validity of the experimental laws of reflection and refraction, is essentially of a geometrical nature, and as such it attracted the attention of the mathematicians of the 17th and succeeding centuries, more notably John Bernoulli, G.
  • 1 AQP be the reflecting circle Caustics having C as centre, P the luminous point, and PQ any incident ray, and we join CQ, it follows, by the law of the b efiection.
  • Secondary caustics are orthotomic curves having the reflected or refracted rays as normals, and consequently the proper caustic curve, being the envelope of the normals, is their evolute.
  • It may be shown geometrically that the secondary Caustics caustic, if the second by refrac- medium be less refrac- tion.