Sentence Examples

  • In one sense tt may be said to stand to theological literature in Scotland in something of the same position as that occupied by the Canon Mirificus with respect to the scientific literature, for it is the first published original work relating to theological interpretation, and is quite without a predecessor in its own field.
  • He speaks of the canon of logarithms as "a me longo tempore elaboratum."
  • (1868), by Canon Mason (1897), A.
  • Anne's sister, Mary Boleyn, had been Henry VIII.'s mistress; this by canon law was a bar to his marriage with Anne - a bar which had been removed by papal dispensation in 1527, but now the papal power to dispense in such cases had been repudiated, and the original objection revived.
  • And the application of their principles by Hildebrand (afterwards Gregory VII.) are discussed in the article Canon Law.