Sentence Examples

  • Several of these single-tree canoes have been found, one of which is 43 ft.
  • Where other means are not available, goods are carried by canoes, or on the shoulders of bearers along the native footpaths.
  • Maori tradition is explicit as to the cause of the exodus from Samoa, gives the names of the canoes in which the journey was made and the time of year at which the coast of New Zealand was sighted.
  • There is some evidence that the "tradition of the six canoes" does not represent the first contact of the Polynesian race with New Zealand.
  • The fibrous tough roots, softened by soaking in water, and split, are used by the Indians and voyageurs to sew together the birch-bark covering of their canoes; and a resin that exudes from the bark is employed to varnish over the seams. It was introduced to Great Britain at the end of the 17th century and was formerly more extensively planted than at present.