Sentence Examples

  • Pheasants Eye (Adonis) - Beautiful perennial or biennial plants, belonging to the Buttercup order, chiefly natives of cornfields in Europe and Western Asia, dwarf, with finely-divided leaves, and red or yellow flowers.
  • Turban Buttercup (Ranunculus Asiaticus) - An old garden plant, with double flowers of many colors, divided into various sections, such as the Dutch, Scotch, Persian and Turkish, each representing a distinct race.
  • Young lovers, Buttercup, a simple peasant girl and Wesley, a poor farm hand, separate so that Wesley may earn his fortune then return to marry his true love.
  • You can buy models in this series in onyx black, white, gloss cinnamon, blue willow, buttercup or empire red to coordinate with your kitchen décor.
  • The company's color palette ranges from candy pinks, buttercup yellows and girlish greens to daring shades of purple, midnight black and electric blue.