Begin Definition

began, beginning, begins, begun
began, beginning, begins, begun
To start doing, acting, going, etc.; get under way.
Webster's New World
To be the first part or element of.
Webster's New World
To come into being; arise.
Webster's New World
To do or accomplish something in the least degree. Used in the negative with an infinitive.
Those measures do not even begin to address the problem.
American Heritage
To have a first part or element.
The Bible begins with Genesis.
Webster's New World
proper name
1913-92; prime minister of Israel (1977-83), born in Poland.
Webster's New World
to begin with
  • as the first point or consideration
Webster's New World

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Origin of Begin

  • From Middle English beginnen, from Old English beginnan (“to begin”), from Proto-Germanic *biginnaną (“to begin”) (compare West Frisian begjinne, Low German begünnen, Dutch and German beginnen), from a root *ginnaną also found in Old English onginnan, Old Saxon andginnan and Dutch ontginnen, possibly from Proto-Indo-European *ghendhe/o (“to take”) (compare Welsh genni (“to delve, submerge onself”), Latin prehendō, Albanian (“to catch”), Ancient Greek [script?] (chandánein, “to hold, contain”)).

    From Wiktionary

  • Middle English biginnen from Old English beginnan

    From American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition


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