Sentence Examples

  • The surface within these barriers amounts to about 3700 acres.
  • Charged with all this matter, the Semliki, as it emerges from the region of forest and cataracts (in which, often closely confined by its mountain barriers, the stream is deep and rapid), becomes sluggish, its slope flattens out, and its waters, unable to carry their burden, deposit much of it upon the land.
  • Before the Civil War they were owners of land, but for the most part not owners of slaves, so that a social and political barrier, as well as the barriers of nature, separated them from the other inhabitants of the state.
  • The peculiar surface formation of Mexico - a high plateau shut in by mountain barriers, and a narrow lowland region between it and the coast - does not permit the development of large river, r Ho^n Revillagigedo g/gedo Islands aSoc (orro State boundaries ..............
  • The southern terraces of the plateau have no high mountain barriers between them and the moist winds of the Caribbean, and they too receive an abundant rainfall in the wet season, especially during the prevalence of heavy " northers " on the Gulf coast.