Sentence Examples

  • Acquaint thyself with a physician before thou have need of him.
  • In the last part of his work he made a praiseworthy attempt to acquaint the Greeks with the character and early history of the Romans.
  • After a remark that microscopes seem as capable of improvement as telescopes, he adds: " I shall now proceed to acquaint you with another more notable difformity in its Rays, wherein the Origin of Colour is unfolded: Concerning which I shall lay down the Doctrine first, and then, for its examination, give you an instance or two of the Experiments, as a specimen of the rest.
  • Crates of Mallus, one of his teachers, aimed at fulfilling the high functions of a " critic " according to his own definition - that the critic must acquaint himself with all rational knowledge.
  • At the meeting at which Newton was elected a description of a reflecting telescope which he had invented was read, and " it was ordered that a letter should be written by the secretary to Mr Newton to acquaint him of his election into the Society, and to thank him for the communication of his telescope, and to assure him that the Society would take care that all right should be done him with respect to this invention."