Enlighten Definition

enlightened, enlightening, enlightens
enlightened, enlightening, enlightens
To give the light of fact and knowledge to; free from ignorance, prejudice, or superstition.
Webster's New World
To give spiritual insight and understanding to.
Webster's New World
To give information to; inform or instruct.
American Heritage
To make clear to (a person) the facts or nature of something; inform.
Webster's New World
To light up; illuminate.
Webster's New World

Origin of Enlighten

  • Formerly also inlighten, from Middle English enlightenen, inlightnen, a hybrid formed from Middle English inlighten (“to enlighten, illuminate”), from Old English inlīhtan, onlīhtan, enlīhten (“to enlighten, illuminate, give light to, give sight to”) and Middle English lightnen (“to enlighten, illuminate”) (equivalent to light +‎ -en). Cognate with Dutch inlichten (“to enlighten, inform”), Old High German inliuhten (“to enlighten, illuminate”), Gothic (inliuhtjan, “to enlighten, illuminate”). More at inlight, -en.

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