Sentence Examples

  • These two foreign occupations, which were almost as displeasing to the pope as to the Liberals, lasted until 1838.
  • Of males (1,097, 581) engaged in 1900 in gainful occupations 47.1% were engaged in manufacturing and mechanical pursuits (77.9 in every loo in 1870 and 73 in 1900), 27.1 in trade and transportation, 14.2 in domestic and personal service, 7.4 in agricultural pursuits and 4.2 in professional service.
  • Taken their places, they have sought other occupations, largely in the manufacture of small wares in the cities, and particularly in departments of trade where skilled labour is essential.
  • The presence or absence of useful minerals, plants and animals rendered some congenial, others unfriendly; some areas were the patrons of virile occupations, others of feminine pursuits.
  • The scope of the inquiry in New South Wales was somewhat extended and made to include occupations other than agriculture and stock-breeding.