Sentence Examples

  • 1 50o), the Dominican inquisitor of Cologne, who with Heinrich Kramer (institor) published M alleus maleficarum or Hexenhammer, the standard textbook on witchcraft, especially in Germany.
  • The book gives (1) evidences of witchcraft; (2) rules for discovering it; (3) proceedings for punishment.
  • The great blot on his memory is his cruelty, which at times was frightful, and showed itself in its full fierceness in the punishment of persons accused of witchcraft, soothsaying or magical practices.
  • Includes extensive extracts of court records, and considers possible reasons for the relative rarity of accusations of witchcraft in Wales.
  • In 1615 there were only ten instances of witchcraft accusations traced across the country, including Jonet and Katherine.

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