Sentence Examples

  • The northern tribes, who appear to have submitted willingly to his rule, were not all of one mind.
  • Men who would not pay taxes to their own appointed governments, and who were daily expecting to be allowed to return to that condition of anarchy which they had come to regard as the normal order of things, were not likely to respond willingly to the tax-gatherer's demands.
  • The citizens were so pleased at this unexpected occurrence that they willingly lent the king £¦000 in 1488, which he required for military preparations against France.
  • In Grand Canary suicide was regarded as honourable, and on a chief inheriting, one of his subjects willingly honoured the occasion by throwing himself over a precipice.
  • In the war of the Spanish Succession he would willingly have remained neutral, but found himself between two fires, forced first to recognize Philip V., then driven by the emperor to recognize the Archduke Charles.

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