Sentence Examples

  • It was a paradigm of economic productivity and well-being.
  • In general, yoga allows people to become more aware of body and breath and to gradually grow into healthier ways of relating to body and breath-which can manifest as a greater sense of physical, mental, and emotional ease and well-being.
  • While used equipment can be a worthwhile purchase, most professionals seek new equipment and opt for used when considering tattoo chairs, lighting, and other basic tattoo shop supplies that don't affect a customer's health or well-being.
  • Mortgage lenders sometimes package a group of mortgage loans and sell them to Fannie Mae, and this means that Fannie Mae has an interest in homeowners making their payments beyond mere concern for the well-being of the housing market.
  • If you build a permanent water fountain, then you'll have only one alternative when it suddenly becomes a detriment to your health, finances or even your well-being, which will be to empty the fountain of water and cease using it.