Sentence Examples

  • Strong sulphuric acid is occasionally used as a caustic to venereal sores, warts and malignant growths.
  • The tentacles may number many hundreds or may be very few, in rare cases only one or two, or even absent altogether; they may be long and filamentous, or short and reduced to mere knobs or warts; they may be simple and unbranched, or they may be feathery in pattern.
  • It may be employed to destroy warts or small growths, to reduce exuberant granulations or it may be applied to bites.
  • There are also three small warts on each side of the face, the largest of which is just below the eye and carries long bristles.
  • The same may be said of the lineal descendant of savage medicine - the magical leech-craft of European folk-lore; cures for toothache, warts, &c., act in spite of the disbelief of the sufferer; how far incredulity on the part of the healer would result in failure is an open question.

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