Sentence Examples

  • " Opinion " is then no mere excrescence; it is the necessary sequel to " Truth."
  • Occasionally a knob or excrescence, formed by the residue of the glass beyond the point at which the base has been pinched together, remains as a silent witness of the process.
  • Kropf, to many Teutonic languages for a swelling, excrescence, round head or top of anything; it appears also in Romanic languages derived from Teutonic, in Fr.
  • But the necessity of the connexion is also apparent, unless we are to suppose that, as regards the course of universal nature, man is altogether an imperium in imperio, or rather (to adopt the forcible phrase of Marcus Aurelius) an abscess or excrescence on the nature of things.
  • Galla, oak-apple, from which comes the English "gall," meaning an excrescence on trees caused by certain insects.

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