Sentence Examples

  • Population gathered about the southern front, probably using the material of the old city of Yenking, and the excrescence so formed was, in 1 544, enclosed by a wall and called the "outer city."
  • The siphonium described in connexion with the mandible), but filling also such curious organs as the frontal excrescence of Chasmorhynchus, the Brazilian bell-bird, the throat-bag of the adjutant stork, and the gular pouch of the bustard.
  • The bourgeois revolutionists of France had all been philosophes, but their philosophy had at least paid lip-service to " reason "; the Russian revolutionists who formed the majority of the first and second Dumas, as though inspired by the exalted nonsense preached by Tolstoi, 1 subordinated reason to sentiment, until - their impracticable temper having been advertised to all the world - it became easy for the government to treat them as a mere excrescence on the national life, a malignant growth to be removed by a necessary operation.
  • To P. onocrotalus both in appearance and habits, but remarkable for a triangular, horny excrescence developed on the ridge of the male's bill in the breeding season, which falls off without leaving trace of its existence when that is over.
  • Occasionally a knob or excrescence, formed by the residue of the glass beyond the point at which the base has been pinched together, remains as a silent witness of the process.

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