Sentence Examples

  • The second ban consists of untrained men between the ages of thirty-nine and forty-five.
  • Army and navy ~-untrained-~ 9 77
  • That proportion of the annual contingents which is dismissed untrained goes either to the Ersatz-Reserve or to the 1st ban of the Landsturm (the Landwehr, it will be observed, contains only men who have served with the colors).
  • The real military resources of Germany, untrained and trained, are thus about 7,000,000, of whom 4,000,000 have at one time or another done a continuous period of service with the colors.i This is of course for a war of defence a outrance.
  • It is useless to follow Boehme further, for his cosmogony is disfigured by a wild Paracelsian symbolism, and his constructive efforts in general are full of the uncouth straining of an untrained writer.