Sentence Examples

  • The AVG Control Center has a user-friendly design providing easy reads of tests to run, scheduled tasks and test results, allowing you to edit system settings and monitor individual component status at a glance.
  • Web Pro News suggests that it's far better to take the time to make your site content and layout more user-friendly than to spend money for services that at best aren't even needed and at worst may be harmful.
  • Let's Make Candles - Let's Make Candles isn't as user-friendly as the above sites, but once you get a knack for making candles, you'll find lots of project ideas that are appropriate for beginners here.
  • It's annoying to have to read through every page of a machine's manual to figure out how to make the computer do a basic task, so it's helpful to get a laptop that's as user-friendly as possible.
  • User-friendly Features: Firefox is easy to use with features like tabbed browsing that permit users to work on several open pages in one window, instead of opening a new window for each page.