Sentence Examples

  • After four to twelve years' cultivation the land is allowed to lie fallow for ten years or more.
  • The new warp is allowed to lie fallow during the winter after being laid out in four-yard " lands " and becomes dry enough to be sown with oats and grass and clover seeds in the following spring.
  • Here may be mentioned the gigantic fossil deer commonly known as the Irish elk, which is perhaps a giant type of fallow-deer, and if so should be known as Cervus (Dama) giganteus.
  • Wheat on summer fallow land yielded, according to the NorthWest census of 1906, from 2 to 8 bushels per acre more than that sown on other land.
  • The three years rotation formerly in use, where autumn and spring-sown grain and fallow succeeded each other, has now been abandoned, except in some districts, where the system has been modified and improved.

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