Sentence Examples

  • Of Beaumont (unincorporated), and of other territory.
  • South Norwalk, long an unincorporated village called Old Well, was chartered as a city under its present name in 1870, and its charter was revised and amended in 1882, 1897 and 1909.
  • In September the "Brook Farm Institute of Agriculture and Education" was formally organized, the members signing the Articles of Association and forming an unincorporated joint - stock company.
  • Of Brooklyn, is a small unincorporated village, once famous for its whale-fisheries, and now best known for the presence here of the New York State Fish Hatchery, and of the Biological Laboratory of the Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences and of the laboratory of the Department of Experimental Evolution of the Carnegie Institution of Washington.
  • Of Cold Spring, is unincorporated, but is the most important of the three and has the largest summer colony.