Sentence Examples

  • YA107503 Black Steel Charm Bracelet Watch: Like other Gucci trinket watches, this model offers ultimate customization by featuring removable charms and ample empty space to add a personal touch all your own.
  • YA107512 Gold-Toned Steel Bracelet Watch: By taking the bracelet design of the trinket watch and serving it to the masses free of charms, Gucci puts control directly into the hands of its customer base.
  • Closeout stores often have small items for sale such as trinket boxes, picture frames, scented soaps, candles, kitchen accessories, and much more at very low prices, but only in a limited quantity.
  • Many people think they're more practical than receiving another useless trinket, but others consider them a tacky gift that says you are too busy to shop for thoughtful presents.
  • Ring-Free Proposal: Proposing without an engagement ring focuses the love of the moment on the two people involved rather than on a shiny trinket between them.