Sentence Examples

  • One issue with the graphics was the slowdown when there was lots of action happening at the same time on screen, like cutting up a bunch of bad guys (or indifferent guys since Travis Touchdown is sort of a baddie).
  • The storyline alone deserves the laughs because Travis Touchdown suddenly has the urge to become the best assassin... after realizing he is running out of money to buy action figures and collector cards.
  • However, if you can save up for a "GameBreaker 2", it sets in motion a pre-determined sequence that essentially guarantees you a touchdown regardless of whether you are on offence or defence.
  • These types of teams are not for people who are faint at heart; you can expect to be blamed if you let a winning touchdown or goal by the opposing team get by you.
  • Given the popularity of football print scrapbook paper, you will have no problem finding a background for your layout that will have you screaming, "Touchdown!"