Sentence Examples

  • Even better news for your feet: LizFlex shoes are designed to keep your feet from tiring out with special cushions in the insoles and flexible technology that allows your shoes to move with your feet.
  • It can get pretty tiring swinging that Wii Remote around, doing yoga with Wii Fit, and playing a variety of other physically active games, so you may want to curl up with a good movie afterward.
  • The coating can shrink light halos, keep your eyes from tiring too rapidly and allow people to see through your lenses--and right into your eyes--with no light reflecting back at them.
  • If you've never heard Blonde Redhead before, the easiest point of reference to give you is the mighty Sonic Youth, but surely Blonde Redhead must be tiring of this comparison.
  • Chances are, the emotional nature of this water sign will very quickly become tiring to an air sign, unless this breezy one's chart has several water signs to compensate.