Sentence Examples

  • While thrones were falling or tottering in every country in Europe, it was inevitable that excitement and agitation should prevail in Great Britain.
  • He then endeavoured to buy off the invaders by numerous presents-30 talents of gold, 800 talents of silver, precious stones, couches and thrones inlaid with ivory, girls and eunuchs - but all in vain.
  • He is said to have refused the thrones of Poland and Bohemia; and although he made pilgrimages to the Holy Land and to Rome, his interest in ecclesiastical questions was mainly directed towards quickening the religious life of his people.
  • He found, however, a deliberate intention on the part of Austria to humble Prussia, and to degrade her from the position of an equal power, and also great jealousy of Prussia among the smaller German princes, many of whom owed their thrones to the Prussian soldiers, who, as in Saxony and Baden, had crushed the insurgents.
  • To show his hand by using his veto, so that his complicity should be plainly declared, to replace his Feuillant ministrydisparate in birth, opinions and ambitionsby the Girondin ministry of Dumouriez-Roland (March I 0), no more united than the other, but believers in a republican crusade for the overthrow The war of thrones, that of Louis XVI.

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