Sentence Examples

  • The Ully-demon launched towards him.  The tree snatched Toby and lifted him to safety, and Toby dangled far enough over Ully's head that the demon couldn't reach him.  As he watched, the Ully-demon transformed into its natural form, a creature of wings, talons, and teeth longer than Toby's fingers.
  • The petite woman started to run, ignoring the demons that swiped at her with talons large enough to take off her head with one swipe.  She seemed immune to the demons' strikes.  They fell away, as if hitting an invisible shield.  The bizarre display drew more than Katie and Toby's attention.  A ripple went through the demons, and they turned to watch the tiny woman sprinting towards them with flashing blue eyes.
  • Gabe and a few other assassins in black fought off hordes of demons.  Surprised, Rhyn launched into the melee with his dagger.  He slashed through several demons before the creatures realized he was there.  Wanting to keep them off balance, he morphed into his demon form and shredded the creatures with talons and fangs as deadly as theirs.
  • Memon slashed Rissa's arm with his demon's talons, and the demon within her rippled her body as it moved to avoid the madman.
  • Talons pierced Rissa's stomach as Memon plunged his hand into her body, withdrawing a black creature the size of its arm that pulsed and writhed.

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