Sentence Examples

  • Even imitation of the style of the Talmud has also been accounted sacrilege.
  • The Talmud shows the influence of that law in many points, and may justly be compared to it as a monument of codification based on great principles.
  • The Hebrew titles ascribe to him seventy-three psalms; the Septuagint adds some fifteen more; and later opinion, both Jewish p and Christian, claimed for him the authorship of the whole Psalter (so the Talmud, Augustine and others).
  • In the Babylonian Talmud (Babhli) there is no gemara to the smaller tractates of Order r, and to parts of ii., iv., v., vi.
  • Babhli is not only greater in bulk than Yerushalmi, but has also received far greater attention, so that the name Talmud alone is often used for it.