Sentence Examples

  • Fringes, tassels, little bells and the like were used as decorations of the ends of stoles at least as early as the 9th century; but crosses in the middle and at the ends were rarely added during the middle ages.
  • The usual material of medieval stoles was silk, and the better ones were embroidered with silk, gold thread, pearls, &c.
  • Later, it was often the habit to embroider on Greek diaconal stoles the words AFIOz Afioe Ai'Ioe.
  • Its use was furiously assailed by the extremer Reformers but, in spite of their efforts, was retained by Elizabeth's Act of Uniformity, and enforced by the advertisements and injunctions issued under her authority, which ordered the "massing vestments" - chasubles, albs, stoles and the like - to be destroyed.
  • Used for ladies' coats, stoles, muffs, hats and trimmings.

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