Sentence Examples

  • After Oswio's victory over Penda in 654-655 he annexed the northern part of Mercia to his kingdom and acquired a supremacy over the rest of England similar to that held by his predecessors.
  • In 750 Eadberht is said to have annexed a large part of Ayrshire to his kingdom.
  • Twelve years later, however, the Northumbrians were completely defeated at Carhan, and Lothian was annexed by the Scots (see Lothian).
  • The first advance came about 74, when what is now Baden was invaded and in part annexed and a road carried from the Roman base on the upper Rhine, Strassburg, to the Danube just above Ulm.
  • It is certain that he took an active part in the restoration of Eton College, which Edward annexed to St George's, Windsor, in 1463, depriving it of a large part of its possessions.

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