Sentence Examples

  • A body which when affixed to the light solid causes it to sink.
  • Affixed to the foot Passing still farther back behind the foot, we find in Anodonta the condition shown in the section D, fig.
  • The type of the leaden seal affixed to the bulls (representing the heads of the apostles Peter and Paul) was fixed, and the use of Roman minuscule finally substituted for that of the Lombard script.
  • Another very singular form is A, laminirostris, which has affixed on either side of the maxilla, near the base, a quadrangular ivory-like plate, forming a feature unique in this or almost in any family of birds.
  • On a card affixed to the wreath of primroses sent by Queen Victoria to be placed upon his coffin was written in Her Majesty's own handwriting: " His favourite flowers: from Osborne: a tribute of affectionate regard from Queen Victoria."