Sentence Examples

  • But the old man, finally, with much reluctance, agreed to re-figure the amount stolen when Dean began to ask how fre­quently deposits were made and offered to check bank records.
  • It was a strawberry sunrise, topped with whipped cream clouds, a perfect sort of day until Dean was awake enough to remember Martha Boyd, lord knows where, escaping the law in a stolen twenty-year-old Buick, with a ditzy ex-junkie for a chauffeur.
  • I seem to have stolen the formula that will grant Immortal or demon this same immunity.
  • Anna Pavlovna waited for him to go on, but as he seemed quite decided to say no more she began to tell of how at Potsdam the impious Bonaparte had stolen the sword of Frederick the Great.
  • He went straight to the basement, where the body of their father had been kept.  The key to keeping the demon's away, it had been stolen by Sasha, the brother who betrayed the rest of them.  Rhyn pushed off the hood as he entered what had been the most sacred chamber of the Immortals.

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