Sentence Examples

  • Such outgrowths are called stolons, and a stolon may be simple, i.e.
  • St, Stolon; p ?
  • Formerly all corals in which tabulae are present were classed together as Tabulata, but Tubipora is an undoubted Alcyonarian with a lamellar stolon, and the structure of the fossil genus Syringopora, which has vertical corallites united by horizontal solenia, clearly shows its affinity to Tubipora.
  • Medusae often have the power of budding, and the buds are formed either on the manubrium, or at the margin of the umbrella, or on an outgrowth or "stolon" produced from the exumbral surface.
  • Zooecia either arising from a stolon, without lateral connexion with one another, or laterally united to form sheets.

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