Sentence Examples

  • According to tradition Schenectady stands on the site of the chief village of the Mohawk Indians, and its name, of which there are many different spellings in early records, is probably of Indian origin; on an early map (1665) it appears as Scanacthade.
  • 6 With various spellings (e.g.
  • Whether the city is named from Marlborough in Wiltshire, or, as seems more probable, because of early spellings "Marlberg" and "Marlbridge," from the presence of marl in the neighbourhood, is uncertain.
  • Thus in the pyramidal texts we find 1/2pr, become, written in one copy of a text, in another ~ Such variant spellings are very important for fixing the readings of word-signs.
  • The popular pronunciation to and tau for tab has given rise to the spellings Toris and Tauris met with in older travellers and used even now.

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