Sentence Examples

  • I heard rhythmic breathing, signifying normal sleep.
  • Asmara, an Amharic word signifying "good pasture place," is a town of considerable antiquity.
  • An Anglo-Saxon derivation, signifying "forest clearing," is indicated for the name.
  • As to their present name, signifying in its present Russian spelling "self-eaters," many ingenious theories have been advanced, but that proposed by Schrenk, who derived the name "Samo-yedes" from "Syroyadtsy," or "raw-eaters," leaves much to be desired.
  • The word etymologically signifies "spirit-fighters," being originally intended by the priesthood to convey that they fight against the Spirit of God; but the Doukhobors themselves accepted the term as signifying that they fight, not against, but for and with the Spirit.