Sentence Examples

  • The word, which signifies darkness, is in Homer the gloomy subterranean region through which the departed shades pass into Hades.
  • He assumed the name of Mahommed when he embraced the Mussulman faith; and on account of his military prowess he obtained the surname Alp Arslan, which signifies "a valiant lion."
  • The non-metallic elements are also sometimes termed metalloids, but this appellation, which signifies metal-like substances (Gr.
  • Thus a scale of i,000,000 signifies that each unit of length on the map 2 Close, " The Ideal Topographical Map," Geog.
  • In the earliest notices the town of Drogheda is called InverColpa or the Port of Colpa; the present name signifies "The Bridge over the Ford."