Sentence Examples

  • But such a conquest, and all that it signifies, conflict both with external evidence (e.g.
  • The radioactivity is denoted by A, and A = signifies that the potential of the dissipation apparatus fell I volt in an hour per metre of wire introduced.
  • He assumed the name of Mahommed when he embraced the Mussulman faith; and on account of his military prowess he obtained the surname Alp Arslan, which signifies "a valiant lion."
  • BAAL, a Semitic word, which primarily signifies lord, owner or inhabitant,' and then, in accordance with the Semitic way of looking at family and religious relations, is specially appropriated to express the relation of a husband to his wife and of the deity to his worshipper.
  • Eabani, whose name signifies "Ea creates," pointing to the tradition which made the god Ea the creator of mankind, is represented in the epic as the type of the primeval man.

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