Sentence Examples

  • Sometimes he speaks of political economy as a department "carved out of the general body of the science of society;" whilst on the other hand the title of his systematic work implies a doubt whether political economy is a part of "social philosophy" at all, and not rather a study preparatory and auxiliary to it.
  • The Royal Commission on Horse Breeding, which dates from 1887, is, as its name implies, not a voluntary organization.
  • At the will of both, for if a demise be made to hold at the will of the lessor, the law implies that it is at the will of the lessee also and vice versa.
  • The Spanish mackerel is, as the name implies, a native of the seas of southern Europe, but single individuals or small schools frequently reach the shores of Great Britain and of the United States.
  • It implies the existence of a well-trained class engaged in the work of collecting information, and much organization both by the state and private bodies.

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