Sentence Examples

  • He held art to be essentially synthetic, creative and manifesting, not analytic, destructive or questioning.
  • As it is we shall find a continuous molecule manifesting attractive and repulsive forces; attraction corresponding to the tendency of the self-preservations to become perfect, repulsion to the frustration of this.
  • It is possible to treat will as a permanent cause manifesting itself through a series of sequent changes, and obedient to the laws which govern the development of the personality of the single individual.
  • Everywhere misery and discontent were apparent, manifesting themselves in riots against machinery, in rick-burning on a large r1~ am scale, and in the formation of trades unions which tended to develop into organized armies of sedition.
  • Basil is one of the most remarkable examples of a man, without education and exposed to the most demoralizing influences, manifesting extraordinary talents in the government of a great state, when he had climbed to the throne by acts of unscrupulous bloodshed.

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