Sentence Examples

  • We have a collection probably made originally for use in the Temple, consisting in the main of recent hymns, but embodying, at least to some extent, older traditional hymns of the Temple.
  • A highly-educated man (according to the education current at the time), speaking constantly to men of similar education, he followed the literary habit of his day by embodying his doctrines in set phrases (sutras), on which he enlarged, on different occasions, in different ways.
  • This is very suggestive as to the way in which the earliest Buddhist records were gradually built up. The suttas came first embodying, in set phrases, the doctrine that had to be handed down.
  • To the same period belong a pleasing but somewhat weak "Madonna and Child" at Florence; and finally, still in the same year 1526, the two famous panels at Munich embodying the only one of the great religious conceptions of the master's later years which he lived to finish.
  • This is the arrangement known as the peace of Wedmore (878), though no document embodying its provisions is in existence.

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