Sentence Examples

  • ARYAN, a term which has been used in a confusing variety of significations by different philologists.
  • It is implied in Pliicker's theorem that, m, n, signifying as above in regard to any curve, then in regard to the reciprocal curve, n, m, will have the same significations, viz.
  • Dif f erent Significations of Being in dif f erent Kinds of Judgment.
  • The name had different significations at different times; but before the Roman occupation, Mauretania comprised a considerable part of the modern Morocco i.e.
  • The word Church not to be translated Congregation, &c. (4) When a word hath divers significations, that to be kept which hath been most commonly used by the most of the ancient fathers, being agreeable to the propriety of the place and the analogy of the faith.

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